Our Products

MegaTrader MegaTrader

MegaTrader is a comprehensive multi-asset trading platform dealing Manually, Algorithmic, Charting, Scripting, and Analysis, all rolled into a window desktop trading platform in various Indian and Foreign Exchanges along with Risk Management, Live M2M, Excel Feeds and Daily Report.

In Algo Trading, we provide a framework to deploy the Algorithm with Live Market Data and History Data. We have built in different logic strategies like Jobbing, Scaling, Scalping, Arbitrage, Spread Matrix, Calender Spread, Currency Spread, Basket Trading for different markets.

In Technical Chart, we provide different Studies, Indicators and Patterns with accurate history data of Indian exchanges in charting platform.

SmartTouch SmartTouch

SmartTouch is a low latency, high frequency web trading platform, that is delivered along with various algorithms.

It is a new generation comprehensive suite for designing, analyzing, optimizing and executing automated trades with our ladder that sets the standard for future trading with one-click order entry and more.


MegaTrader Order Management System provides well combined APIs to connect with Indian Exchanges. APIs are well documented, easy to Comprehend, excellent for Active Traders and Asset Managers working on custom strategies.

API developed using FIX protocol and its support client server application using C#, Java,C++, browser-based trading system supported on HTML, JavaScript.

API can connect:

  • Across the Internet via web-service
  • LAN Option for low latency
  • Strategy development with pre-built trading functionalities

Live Position Live Position

Live position is a platform to manage the real time position with higher efficiency, better decisions and stronger performance systems. User can view position Terminal wise, Group Wise, Branch wise as well as Client, Symbol, Instrument and Expiry wise. Keep watch on how your script performs on a minute by minute basis, get live updates on transactions made, view positions and know exactly how much profit or loss you've made.

We provide Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Premium values in Future and Option market.


eKYC solution helps brokerage firms to capture, process & store information faster and simplify procedures for customers. It is a web based application, so it can be accessed from anywhere. It reduces the time of account opening & client activation. It is integrated with AADHAAR (UIDAI), CDSL, CVL KRA in multi exchanges. It also has digitized KYC & IPV with system controlled processes.