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MCX-SX-Currency Trader

The software is developed for set of people who use their own perception as regard to the market movement and initiate trade with minimum lot. The stop loss is always placed to protect for any adversity. However, such trader tends to increase the lot size with every time the market moves in his favour with trailing stop loss for total traded quantity. This requires frequent assessment of market movement, modification of stop loss order and placing of new order for additional quantity. All these activities on continuous basis tend to make trader less efficient in a short span of trading time.

The "Currency Trader" software gives the trader freedom from all subsequent activities after initiation of first trade by pressing F1 or + Key for long position and F2 or ? Key for short position. Once the trade is initiated by the trader, all other activity is taken care of by software as per predefined setting. The trader can always choose to book profit even if market is moving in his favour. An online help is available in the software with display of Net Open Quantity and MTM on real time basis enabling trader to take quick decision. The software will keep on trading as per set parameter without any human intervention as long as market moves in favour of trade. It stops trading in the event of either stop loss getting triggered or trader chooses to square off his position.

The software is presently having following two restrictions:

  1. The maximum number lot which can be outstanding (long or short) is restricted to 500 lots.
  2. The trader is restricted to trade only in current month contract

The salient features of the software are as under:

  1. It allows trader to initiate first trade, either long or short, based on his own perception as regard to the market movement.
  2. Since understanding of market perception is a matter of individual decision for which each person uses different technical tools, this aspect is left on trader.
  3. Before initiating the first trade, the trader has to define following parameters of trading :
    1. Stop Loss: This can be predefined in terms of price tick at which each trade will be protected by Stop Loss Order for traded quantity.
    2. Minimum Quantity: The quantity in terms of lot size to be defined for initiating any trade in the beginning.
    3. Tick size to understand favoured market : The tick size defined here will make software to understand that the market is in favour of trade and so initiate further trading based on incremental pattern defined by trader.
    4. Here the software will compare the Traded Price with LTP. If LTP is higher (in case of long position) or lower (in case of short position) by defined tick size compared to traded price, it will initiate new trade based on incremental pattern defined by the trader.
    5. Incremental Pattern: There are various options available to trader for defining the incremental trade pattern. For example, if minimum lot size defined by trader to initiate the trade is 2, then following various option would define the pattern of lot size trading at each step :
      • Arithmetical Progression : 2,4,6,8,10,12.14,16,..
      • Geometrical Progression : 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,.
      • Fibonacci Progression : 2,4,6,10,16,26,42,68,
      • Zero Progression : No increment in initial traded lot.
    6. Incremental Steps: Here trader need to define as to how many steps the software should proceed in given pattern in case market moves in favour of trade. For example, if incremental steps given are 6 in Geometrical Progression, then the maximum lot which software would trade will be 64 (if minimum quantity defined is 2) and beyond which it will stop trading additional lot. Only stop loss will keep trailing the market in predefined manner.
    7. Every time a new trade takes place, the stop loss order will keep on modifying the Trigger Price and the quantity here the stop loss quantity will be total number of lots open in the market at given time.
    8. Following key to be used for trading :
      • F1 or + (plus sign) : For initiating long position or Squaring off short position
      • F2 or - (minus sign) :For initiating Short Position or Squaring off long position
    9. If software is stopped by trader at point of time when stop loss is pending in the system, the stop loss will get converted into the market order squaring off all open position. This is to prevent stop loss order remaining pending in the system in the event of closure of software.
    10. Trader can change his perception about the market trend. By pressing F1 or F2 key twice, the software would not only square off position already built up but also initiate fresh position on reverse side with minimum lot size and thereafter as per trading pattern defined by the trader.

In nutshell, the software is smart enough to understand the need of trader and his risk appetite and accordingly keep trading at fastest possible manner. It also displays various information on real time basis to help trader in taking right decision for maximization of profit and minimization of loss.
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